What We Do

The Connecticut Family Support Network is committed to helping families of individuals with disabilities and special health care needs, and the professionals who work with them, find information, resources and supports to improve their lives.

How We Help

We connect one-to-one with parents via telephone, email, Facebook and other social media. We provide emotional support, advocacy and guidance.

We hold workshops and trainings across the state for parents and professionals on a wide variety of topics including special education, transition, recreation and communication.

We work to empower families to become effective and successful advocates. We encourage individuals with disabilities to become successful self-advocates.

We offer many support groups per month across Connecticut, both in person and online. The groups provide parent-to-parent connections, access to resources and gues speakers.

We share current information on disability issues and resources via email, our website and social media, so parents can keep informed.

We collaborate with local and state agencies, community groups and other non-profit organizations to provide access to resources and support.

All of our services are free!