Melissa Kremmel

Melissa Kremmel
Executive Director


Melissa Kremmel joined CTFSN in 2015. She has three children, including an adult son who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and a younger son with autism, food allergies, and asthma. Her youngest child has also been diagnosed with ADHD and a nonverbal learning disability. Experiences in advocating for her children have led her to help other families. Melissa has previously served as Parent Co-Chair of the Waterbury Family Focus Partnership. She has also participated in the Connecticut Network of Care Transformation workshops and actively participates in network building for Connecticut’s western region.  She was the Plymouth SEPTA president for four years and served on the Plymouth Board of Education for 5 years.  Currently, Melissa Serves on the Medical Home Advisory Council, The Department of Developmental Services Community of Practice Steering Committee, and the Help Me Grow Advisory Council.

Rachel Kessler

Rachel Keesler
Family Support Coordinator ~ Northwest Region

Rachel Keesler joined CTFSN in 2021. She has two children; her 9 year old son was diagnosed with a rare neuro-metabolic disorder when he was 2 ½ years old. Rachel understands how important advocacy is and enjoys supporting other parents. Rachel also has experience supporting families through the PPT process as well as helping support families seek early intervention for their children. She was also a Parent Mentor for CPAC. Rachel earned a bachelor’s in psychology where she focused on families and children.

Adrianna Ramirez

Adrianna Ramirez
Statewide Spanish Speaking Coordinator
(203) 699-6123

Adrianna Ramirez joined CTFSN in 2021. She is a mother and advocate. She has always served as an advocate for family members with intellectual disabilities and special healthcare needs. She also has experience being a caregiver and supporting disabled aging family members and family with intellectual and developmental disabilities with special healthcare needs. As a bilingual individual she has supported her family and members of her community with researching various services to meet their needs and has experience in mentoring through her coaching background. Adrianna has years of experience championing for her family member’s medical needs and researching community resources. Adrianna is passionate about arming families with resources, skills and tools to empower them as advocates for their loved ones as well as parent leaders in their communities.

Melissa Mills

North Central Family Support Coordinator
(959) 888-2848

Born and raised in Connecticut Melissa is a married mother of two adult children with special needs. She is
a fierce advocate in the disability community. During her tenure as an Volunteer Advocacy
Advocate she worked effectively with community members and elected officials to enact
positive policy change on both the state and federal level. She also holds a Connecticut Real Estate
license and pride herself on advocating and negotiating for her clients while navigating the
home buying and selling process.