Positive Communication with Families

Understanding the Parent Perspective

* Do you work in a private practice, school, state agency or therapy office where you serve and support families raising children with disabilities and special healthcare needs?

* Would you like the opportunity to understand the parent’s perspective, ask difficult questions about challenging situations and learn strategies on building a quality parent/professional partnership?

* As a professional, would you like to learn how to locate resources for families that will help support them in their journey?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, our MEETING HALFWAY Training for Professionals is for you!


Participants in this training will learn:

* Successful techniques to communicate difficult news and discuss sensitive topics, such as a new diagnosis, with families.

* Best practices for answering questions about the future and for holding honest discussions without diminishing parents’ hope for a meaningful future for their child with disabilities.

* Valuable information on how to guide parents to resources that can assist and support them and their child.

Meeting Halfway presenters are all parents who have children with special needs. Here is your opportunity to learn from their experience.

Contact our Executive Director to schedule a training at your preferred time and location and to discuss fees.

Tesha Imperati
timperati@ctfsn.org www.ctfsn.org